Tony Romo Has a 104.5 Passer Rating in Losses This Season

By Jason Lisk

Tony Romo is again in crosshairs for his late interceptions against the Packers. Here’s an interesting note from Mike Nyberg. Tony Romo has a 104.5 passer rating in losses for the Cowboys this year. Here is Nyberg’s chart showing the passer rating for other notable quarterbacks in losses.

To put that in perspective, six players have a higher passer rating in all games than Romo does in losses. Romo’s passer rating is actually worse (89.7) in wins than it is in losses. He has had a higher yards per attempt, more touchdowns, and fewer interceptions in the 7 losses than in the 7 wins.

That is fairly unusual, as offensive passing success is normally correlated with wins. In Dallas’ case, though, defense is the telling factor. They are 6-1 when holding the opponent to less than 30 points, and 1-6 when the opponent gets to at least 30 points. So, on a macro level, the Dallas’ losses are very much due to the defense and have very little to do with how well Romo plays overall.

On a micro level, he made a poor decision and came up just short of putting the ball in a good spot against the Packers in the final minutes. To counter that, Green Bay was getting the ball back unless Dallas gets another first down. Romo probably realizes that he has to be perfect or he may be watching a long drive to lose anyway. Many quarterbacks do not have to be as perfect in order to win.

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