Tony Romo's Contract Could Run as Long as Ten Years if CBS Renews NFL Rights

Liam McKeone
Tony Romo signed a new contract
Tony Romo signed a new contract / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The biggest free agent in recent sports media history is off the open market after Tony Romo signed a big ol' new deal with CBS that will reportedly pay him $17 million annually. As it currently stands, Romo is under contract for at least the next three seasons.

Why only the next three, you ask? Because 2022 is the year CBS' rights deal with the NFL expires. Adam Schefter reports that if CBS renews their deal with the league to continue broadcasting their games, Romo's deal will become a 10-year agreement.

CBS losing the NFL as a broadcasting partner would be the worst-case scenario for the company, so barring significant developments over the next few years, it would be pertinent to assume the league will re-up and Romo will be at CBS through this decade. Still, Romo's status will be an interesting element to those discussions over the next few seasons.