Tony Romo is Already Advocating for Dez Bryant on Ravens-Titans CBS Broadcast

Brian Giuffra
Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.
Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. / Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

While Dez Bryant never cried behind aviator sunglasses and said "that's my quarterback" about Tony Romo, the two were teammates for seven years in Dallas and enjoyed some of their most productive seasons together. The trust they developed during that time must still exist because Romo advocated for Bryant to get the ball thrown his way in his first red-zone appearance for the Ravens today.

Making his debut with Baltimore after signing there as a free agent a few weeks ago, Bryant was put in the game on third-and-goal and was open on a slant. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson looked at the other side of the field and threw incomplete instead. Romo pointed out why Bryant should have gotten the ball.

While Romo is correct in identifying Bryant has one-on-one coverage and was open on his first few steps, Bryant wasn't the first option on that play based on the fact that Jackson's read started on the other side of the field. Perhaps you can question Jackson not recognizing how big of a buffer Malcolm Butler is giving Bryant there, but still, this is Bryant's first game in two years. Can't really expect him to be a primary target. Nor can we assume if he gotten the ball he would plow his way into the end zone.

Don't tell Romo that, however. When he sees Bryant on the field in the red zone, he wants to get him the ball. Wonder if he'd extend the same courtesy to Terrell Owens?