Tony La Russa Got a DUI Earlier This Year and the White Sox Reportedly Knew About It

Stephen Douglas
Tony La Russa
Tony La Russa / Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Tony La Russa was arrested in February and charged with DUI the day before he was hired by the Chicago White Sox according to ESPN. The White Sox reportedly new about this, his second DUI, when they hired him.

ESPN reports that La Russa was found standing next to his SUV (in Maricopa County) after running it into a curb. Police detected a "light odor of alcohol" and he said he had a tire blowout. He was described as argumentative.

This begs a lot of questions. When did the White Sox find out about this? Not that it matters now. They chose La Russa and went through with the hire after finding out so they had to be prepared for this news coming out eventually. There was already a good deal of head scratching after the hire, so what's a little more?

La Russa's first DUI in 2007 came after he managed the Cardinals to a World Series title. St. Louis stuck with him then and they won again in 2011. That's obviously all the White Sox had in mind as they brought back La Russa.