Tommy Tuberville Struggled With Super Bowl Details on Newsmax After Criticizing Joe Biden's Memory

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Senate Forges Ahead On Vote For Aid Bill For Israel And Ukraine / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Tommy Tuberville was on Newsmax on Wednesday to discuss a number of important Congressional topics. Near the end of the interview Tuberville took a shot at Joe Biden's inability to remember names a day after the President struggled to come up with "Hamas" during a press conference. Tuberville was then tossed a football-shaped softball by host Chris Salcedo about the Super Bowl and appeared to have his own issues recalling names.

"Well, San Francisco's got the best defense. Obviously the best quarterback is going to be on the side of the... uh ... Kansas City Chiefs, but they got a running back and San Francisco's pretty dang good."

Tuberville completely blanked on Patrick Mahomes' name. Or you could argue he was struggling to remember the team he played for. Then as he awkwardly moved on it's unclear if he was talking about 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey or KC's Isiah Pacheco. Probably McCaffrey, but it's hard to tell when Tuberville just said that the 49ers have the best defense when the Chiefs defense has been the best defensive unit in the playoffs and were actually slightly better in the regular season as well.

Luckily, Tuberville doesn't need to know this stuff because he doesn't work in football.