Tommy Pham Seems Thrilled to Be With Mets

Liam McKeone
Tommy Pham
Tommy Pham / Elsa/GettyImages

Tommy Pham was part of the New York Mets' rather substantial crop of free agents this winter. The outfielder best known for getting big mad over fantasy football came to the Big Apple after batting .236 for the Reds and Red Sox last season so not a lot is expected. But I assume his teammates would at least like to see some enthusiasm and Pham let them down in that regard yesterday.

Speaking to reporters at spring training on Friday afternoon, Pham was asked what drew him to the Mets. Turns out he came to New York because... his options were limited.

Geez, man. You can at least pretend to sound happy with your new job. It's not like he was banished to the nether realm of MLB and having to play for a team with no hope and no fanbase, like the Athletics or something. He's living in New York City and playing for a legitimate contender. He's also being paid $6 million to do so.

Things could be a lot worse, Tommy!