Tommy Fleetwood Out Here Talking About the Holidays on July 18

Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Tommy Fleetwood made a weekend charge at St. Andrews to finish tied for fourth. He followed Saturday's 66 with a 67 and perhaps could have won if a squall had come in and blown the final two groups off the course. All things considered, a great performance and another reminder that he can go as low as anyone when dialed in and feeling confident.

Fleetwood shared his appreciation for being such a pivotal part of the 150th Open with a tweet that also revealed he already has the holidays on his mind. On July 18! It could be a record.

Hell, even Hallmark executives think pushing holiday programming before college football media days begin or Premier League fantasy drafts get rolling is a bit much. (Editor's Note: It's actually Christmas in July.)

Just an incredible headspace to inhabit. Unprecedented amounts of hanging out are in Fleetwood's future. And if he comes back stronger than ever next season, well, other players are going to start getting in the festive spirit the moment the Claret Jug meets a new owner.