Tom Verducci and Jon Hamm Team Up For Touching MLB Return Video

Liam McKeone
MLB Return Video
MLB Return Video /

Baseball will return tonight. It was a long road, but the end/beginning is in sight. The Washington Nationals take on the New York Yankees at Nationals Park at 7:08 PM ET to kick off the season (weather dependent). Dr. Anthony Fauci will throw out the first pitch. It will be a sight for sore eyes.

To celebrate, MLB Network teamed up with the powerful duo of Jon Hamm and Tom Verducci to create a "Baseball is Back" video they blasted out on social media this morning. It'll get the emotional juices flowing if you're even a casual fan of baseball.

Man, Hamm's voice is so smooth. I'm not saying he is what makes this video great, but I am saying it wouldn't have the same effect with anyone else other than, like, Morgan Freeman.

But yeah, what a video, right? MLB has always been good about playing to the nostalgia of their fans, and they do so beautifully here. The Red Sox/Astros championships after the disasters the two cities went through really got me, personally. They even got a Robert Frost quote in there. All the boxes are checked.

If you weren't amped for the return of baseball, you definitely are now.