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Tom Verducci is Very Serious About His Hall of Fame Ballot

Kyle Koster
Bob Levey/Getty Images

The National Baseball Hall of Fame election results will be revealed on MLB Network at 6 p.m. ET. Which means there are several hours to have the much-needed discussion about the entire process: what it means, if it could be improved, and if it's simply a relic of the past concentrating too much power in the hands of journalists who too often wield it in self-serving ways.

Even the biggest purist would agree that there are some problems. But for every voter who uses the platform to squeeze out a column explaining why they did something outrageous, there's one who treats the honor as something sacred. Tom Verducci, it appears, is in the latter camp, as evidenced by his essay scored with the fleeting sounds of whimsical piano.

And I respect the hell out of that. Voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame is a serious honor, and too often that's forgotten. In the purest parts of my soul, Cooperstown holds a special place and ensuring only the most deserving are honored there. Things would be better if everyone took it as seriously as Verducci.

One should not reap a great reward without grappling with the weight of responsibility.

The cynical part of my brain, however, wonders if this is entirely too sappy and self-serious. If the person absent-mindedly checking the same boxes without much thought is bringing us to the very same place. If the human error when it comes to assessing other humans is part of the charm or simply inextricable from the ritual.

That, like everything on the diamond, is open to many different interpretations. It just seems that being able to give a detailed explanation is more reflective of a sound process than winging it.