Tom Rinaldi's First MLB Essay For Fox is Great


Tom Rinaldi decided to take a leap and leave ESPN to join FOX Sports late last year. Today, he made his debut for MLB on FOX with a new video/essay that will inspire strong emotions to rise to the surface, even if you are not a huge baseball fan.

Rinaldi is just so good at this. The above video is exactly why FOX was willing to go above and beyond to add him to the roster. It's majestic and strikes just the right chords, resonating deeply with those such as myself who associate Opening Day with the light at the end of a wintery and cold tunnel. It means even more this year as we collectively glimpse the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, with fans back in stands and our friends and family getting vaccinated.

Hats off to Rinaldi and the FOX crew for this. Bring on the baseball and bring on the return of something resembling normalcy.