Will Reeve of ABC News Appeared on 'Good Morning America' Without Pants

Stephen Douglas
Will Reeve.
Will Reeve. / Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

One of the oldest jokes about television news anchors is that they aren't wearing pants behind that desk. Well, what happens when you remove the desk and find out that is true all along? That's what we learned on Good Morning America on Tuesday when ABC News' Will Reeve appeared on-air from the extra comfort of his own home.

Michael Strahan and Amy Robach were true professionals, ignoring their colleague's lack of pants, but this was still one report that left little to the imagination.

Reeve tried to pass the bare-legged display off on his colleague Tom Llamas and initially fooled us, thus an original version of this post misidentified the offender. He soon owned up to it.

If nothing else, Reeve should inspire myriad of think pieces about Zoom etiquette. People in favor of dressing up for work are not going to be happy.