Tom Izzo Snaps Whiteboard With Ease After Conversation With Officials

Ryan Phillips
USC v Michigan State
USC v Michigan State / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Tom Izzo is in yet another NCAA Tournament, and nothing that makes the 68-year-old more intense than March Madness. That was on full display during his Michigan State Spartans' first-round matchup with USC on Friday. During a timeout, an annoyed Izzo snapped a whiteboard in half out of frustration.

After a quick discussion with officials, Izzo clearly was not satisfied with what he'd been told. As an assistant handed the college basketball legend a whiteboard, he casually snapped it in half and sat down.

Check this out:

The crazy part is, Izzo really isn't like this during the regular season. Something about the NCAA Tournament takes his sideline antics to the next level. Whatever is going on, it seemed to work on Friday as the Spartans beat USC to advance.