Tom Izzo Got a Technical Foul While Dressed Like an Elf

Kyle Koster
Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Michigan State and Oakland renewed their long and one-sided rivalry last night in East Lansing. Grizzlies coach Greg Kampe challenged his friend Tom Izzo to wear an ugly, festive sweater and the Hall of Famer obliged. Which made the sequence late in the first half where he earned a technical foul for wandering outside of the coaching box and then flipping out about it all the more humorous. No one looking like this has ever been dinged with a technical foul in the history of basketball, non-North Pole divisions.

I would make the same angry elf joke as everyone else on Twitter but I'm not feeling all that strong and the Spartans legend has houses in Los Angeles, Paris, and Vail — each one of them with 70-inch plasma screens.

Michigan State eventually snapped into form and breezed to an easy victory. Izzo was in better spirits after a postgame buffet of candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup and telling his team to make defensive rebounding their new favorite.