Tom Izzo: Might Be Best if Big Ten Tournament is Postponed or Canceled

Kyle Koster
Tom Izzo
Tom Izzo / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Conference tournaments are up in the air, as well as the NCAA Tournament. Public consensus is changing rapidly and it's tough to know what lies ahead. Charles Barkley and Jay Bilas went on television this morning advocating the cancelation of March Madness. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, asked by Dan Patrick about the Big Ten tourney, said he was leaning toward believing it should be postponed or canceled.

This comment highlights yet another thing to consider. Up until now, the perception has been that players and coaches alike would want to play. Once they start deciding in mass that it'd be better to not play, there's absolutely no reason to press on.

Izzo has as much power and respect as anyone in college basketball -- and certainly the conference -- so it will be interesting if he's the straw that breaks the camel's back in Indianapolis today.