Tom Herman Shown Flipping Double Birds at Longhorn Network Camera on Signing Day

Stephen Douglas

The Texas Longhorns are having a very nice signing day. It's not even noon and they've already locked down a 5-star running back and a dozen or so 4-star recruits. It's all adding up to a top-10 recruiting class for Tom Herman as he enters his fourth season at Texas. So why was he flipping off the Longhorn Network camera today?

He was probably just having fun and letting off a little stream. The future looks a little brighter today after a 5-7 season. With a top recruiting class Herman feels they have something to build on. Via 247 Sports:

"Well, it's small and we knew it was going to be small. And still be, you know, still be that highly ranked is indicative of the quality. It may not have the quantity, but the quality. A lot of in-state guys and a lot of guys that are ready to come to the University of Texas and get their degree and help us win championships."

If Texas ends up winning a national championship with these recruits, those middle fingers will become the new Horns up-- and will still be more offensive than Horns Down.