Tom Cuts Short WEEI Interview After Host Previously Called His Daughter 'Annoying Little Piss-Ant'

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tom Brady, who has had a weekly interview spot with WEEI mornings for many years, hung up pretty quickly on Kirk & Callahan today after expressing disappointment about what one of the hosts, Alex Reimer, had said about his daughter in a review of the Tom vs. Time documentary.

Specifically, Reimer had said Brady’s daughter was behaving like an “annoying little piss-ant”

Here is a transcription of Brady’s appearance this morning:

"Happy Monday! Tom Brady has gracefully responded to @WEEI employee @AlexReimer1 calling his 5 year old daughter “a little pissant” on @KirkAndCallahan WEEI still hasn’t suspended or fired Reimer."

@ThePatriotWay (@ThePatriotWay

Well, that’s certainly something headed into Super Bowl week.

UPDATE: Reimer is suspended by WEEI: