Explaining Why Tom Brady So Excited About the New NFL CBA Getting Approved

Brian Giuffra
Tom Brady is happy about the new CBA.
Tom Brady is happy about the new CBA. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A few seconds after it was announced that the new NFL CBA had been approved by players, Tom Brady tweeted his endorsement, congratulating NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith on successfully getting the deal through.

Brady, a free agent, was clearly happy this deal with approved and it's pretty obvious why: $$$.

Now that the CBA was approved, an additional $700 million will be injected into the free agency pool. That's because player revenue is now set at 47 percent of total NFL revenue. But while that element is important in terms of the amount each team can spend, what's more important is how long they can spend it over.

Because the CBA extends peace through 2030, teams can now defer money in Brady's contract to later years. If the deal hadn't gone through, they would have needed to pay it all this year. So, for a team like the Patriots, they could now give Brady a two- or three-year deal with bonuses deferred to future years, even knowing they would cut him (guaranteed money would just count against the cap). That way they don't need to take a $30 million cap hit this season but can pay Brady $30 million -- or whatever they want.

This is Tom Brady's last contract, even if he thinks he can play until he's 50. With one more opportunity to get a big payday as a player from an NFL team, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. More money is in the free-agent pipeline and more time can be added to the contract. That's a win for Brady, something he's surely used to.