Some Thoughts on What This Cryptic Tom Brady Tweet Could Mean

Bobby Burack
Tom Brady's Twitter photo
Tom Brady's Twitter photo / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There was almost going to be a Friday before the Super Bowl without any Tom Brady talk. Keyword: almost.

Thursday evening, Brady posted a cryptic photo that has Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, and people in the stores speculating as if it's a clue from True Detective.

So, what do you think it means? Here are some ideas:

It's a goodbye to the Patriots?

I mean, of course, that is the popular theory. For one, because it's been rumored ad nauseam for months that Brady was done with the Patriots. Secondly, this photo resembles a high school football player looking at the field for the last time before moving on. Brady's family is reportedly looking at schools in Nashville. Which is what he should do, according to me.

Is this retirement? 

Doubt it. But if you are going to retire in 2020, there are few better ways to do it than posting a picture of yourself staring at a football field remembering the good times.

Is he just looking for attention?

This wouldn't be the first time an athlete got so bothered with the attention other players and teams were getting they sunk to this level. I'm not saying Brady is that type, but who's to say he doesn't have some LeBron James in him?

Brady was just bored on social media and posted a photo

Come on now.