Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey Will Be the NFL's Hottest Selling Jersey No Matter What It Looks Like

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady jerseys.
Tom Brady jerseys. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady has officially signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before anyone does anything else, the most important thing is to start making money. So as of this morning you could officially order an official Tom Brady Bucs jersey from the official team store.

The best part is the fine print which says "Image is a representation only. Prodcut will include name, number and team name / logo." You know, in case you logged onto the Bucs' site and were hoping to order a plain white t-shirt with Brady's name and the number zero on it. Whatever the official jersey looks like, it will quickly become Tampa's #1 export. Even last year, in his 20th season in New England, he had consistently had one of the top selling jerseys in the NFL.

Of course, when your quarterback is 43 on opening day, maybe you do want him in a clean white jersey. The NFL might actually get on board with this. He will stand out and everyone will know not to touch him. If you officials see a single grass stain, you can eject the guilty defender. Protect the aging GQ model at all costs.