Tom Brady Still Being Motivated by a Max Kellerman Comment is Wild

Kyle Koster

Max Kellerman expected Tom Brady to fall off a cliff and stop being a productive quarterback. The ESPN talking head based this prediction on the laws of man, which have long shown a person slows down a bit as they approach 40 and beyond. But Brady and his diet regimen are not bound by those rules and the heart and soul of the Patriots keeps winning Super Bowls.

One bit of human baggage he does have, though, is letting the words of critics seep past the Happy Thought goalie. Despite all his success on and off the field, Brady is still motivated by something Kellerman said on television that he’s since said he was dead wrong about.

Brady posted an Instagram photo of a pocket radar reading 61 mph, suggesting he’s still bringing the heat. If accurate, only Josh Allen has recorded a harder throw (62 mph at the 2018 NFL combine).

So there you have it. Sixty-one proves Touchdown Tom is still a good quarterback. It’s been so long that we had hard evidence proving this. Really puts to rest a lot of lingering questions.