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Tom Brady Won't Put Banana Ends in His Smoothies For Some Reason

Ryan Phillips
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Super Bowl LV / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady's diet is always a fascinating topic as the seven-time Super Bowl champ has some odd eating and drinking habits. On Tuesday, he posted a bit of a "day in the life" sequence of videos to his Instagram stories that included the 43-year-old making a smoothie. The weirdest part of the whole thing was his admission that he doesn't eat the ends of bananas.

Here's a clip pulled from his IG stories:

That's pretty wasteful Tom! Seriously though, what does he think the ends are made of? It's not like he's breaking off the ends of an unpeeled banana. The ends of a peeled banana are just ... more banana. I'm legitimately wondering what Brady thinks will happen if he were to indulge in the entire piece of fruit.

I'm sure Brady just doesn't eating the ends for whatever reason. I mean, we all have our quirks. I, for one, don't eat eggs. Liked them as a kid, and don't anymore. No idea why, they just taste horrible to me. I know I'm weird and fully embrace it. But the weirdest part here is that he's not including it in his smoothie. If you blend a banana, can you really tell which part was which?

This is odd behavior.