Tom Brady's Evolution Across 17 Years of Madden is Fascinating


There have been very few constants in the National Football League over the last 17 years. One has been the Madden video game franchise, with yearly releases coming like clockwork every August from EA. Sports. The other constant has been Tom Brady at quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Like the video game franchise, Brady has evolved in his nearly two decades as QB, going from a glorified game manager to one of the most dangerous signal-callers in the game when the ball is in his hands, especially when the game is on the line. Just like how 2019 Brady is nearly unrecognizable from his former self, Madden 20 is nearly unrecognizable from Madden 2003. 

To demonstrate just how far both the QB and the franchise has come, the folks over at put together a gif that details how Madden Brady has changed from 2003 to this year. It’s pretty ridiculous:

Everyone takes these high-end graphics for granted nowadays, but look at that 2003 model! Good lord, he’s barely more than a block. I also don’t know what went wrong about halfway through when his shoulder pads grew as quickly as the Grinch’s heart, but it’s a remarkable transformation nonetheless.

It’s also astounding that Brady has lasted long enough for machines to create a credible likeness of his face and throwing motion considering where they started. Times are a-changing, let me tell you.