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Death, Taxes, and Tom Brady Throwing Touchdown Passes to Rob Gronkowski

Liam McKeone
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What happens when an unstoppable force teams up with an immovable object? You get Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, that's what. After a decade of football together, the tandem feel as inevitable as Thanos, as constant as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

Frankly, it's unfair. The two haven't been as dominant as we've come to expect in their first season as Florida brothers with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it would be unreasonable to expect them to reach the level of excellence we saw five years ago. But plays like Brady's most recent TD pass to his buddy Gronk against the Detroit Lions in a Saturday matinee game remind us all why they're so feared.

That is some vintage stuff right there. I am qualified to tell you this because I spent all of the 2010s watching those two do the exact same thing, over and over, up in New England. The behind-the-center replay shows just how ridiculous it was. Brady threw that before Gronk even got a step on safety Tracy Walker and put it only where Gronk could get it. Then the big tight end secures the catch and stumbles into the end zone.

It's absurd! A man that large shouldn't have that kind of touch, and Brady had no right to make that throw. Yet here we are. And soon they'll be doing it in the playoffs. Just like they've always done.