Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Made an Awkward Video

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski /

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are finally free to be themselves in Tampa Bay. Maybe that's not the best thing.

Today the Buccaneers tweeted this very, very aimless video of Brady and Gronkowski telling dad jokes. It clocks in at just under four minutes, but it feels so much longer.

The set appears to be a play on Between Two Ferns, but based on the content, it was either by accident or nobody explained to the two stars what they were doing. Instead, they repeatedly talk about how Gronk will be a parent someday, which does not seem like something Gronk is seriously considering.

They don't seem to understand why a mailbox would have a flag up. And it very briefly seems like Gronk wants the ball thrown his way more? If this was filmed this week, it might be a legitimate gripe as Gronkowski only has two catches on four targets this season. If it was filmed during the preseason, it was a joke. And then there are some weird comments about game checks. Does Gronk want more money and targets?

Maybe the Bucs can learn from this. Not only that they need a script, but that maybe Bill Belichick didn't let his players do stuff like this for a reason. If the Patriot Way is no pointless social media content, then maybe we should be following it.