Tom Brady is Not a Fan of All The Penalties on Thursday Night Football

Tom Brady Patriots
Tom Brady Patriots / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Tom Brady has had enough. The six-time Super Bowl champ and three-time NFL MVP took to Twitter to complain about all the yellow on the field during Thursday Night Football this week.

The New England Patriots' quarterback was right. The flags on Thursday night were a joke.

During their Thursday night contest, the Tennessee Titans were hit with nine penalties for 101 yards, while the Jacksonville Jaguars were hit with four for 30 yards. It was kind of a disaster for the officials, as several of the games have been early in the season.

The NFL is making an effort to emphasize offensive holding penalties this season and boy are they hitting their mark. Through two weeks in 2019, officials called 174 holding penalties. In 2018, they called 107 holding penalties through the first two weeks. That's an insane increase.

Fans don't tune in to see penalties, they tune in to see football. Apparently the NFL hasn't gotten that memo yet. When Brady is acting as a fan, he's like the rest of us and wants to see action, not flags.