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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Had a GOAT Bro Exchange After Super Bowl LV

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes at Super Bowl LV.
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes at Super Bowl LV. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady single-handedly beat Patrick Mahomes in a one-on-one Super Bowl matchup on Sunday, staking his claim as the GOAT. After the game, the two GOAT nominees met a midfield to tell each other how darn GOAT-y they each are. What transpired will go down in history as the GOAT-iest GOATeraction of all-time.

Patrick Mahomes, who had just had his GOATs and dreams dashed before his eyes, was a stand-up dude saying, "You're a legend, man. Congrats, man." Two mans for The Man. Fitting.

Then, with Valentine's Day on the horizon, Brady gave Mahomes a verbal love GOAT. "You're a stud, bro."

Fellas, is it GOAT to love another bro? Yup. And that's pretty sweet.