Tom Brady Offering to Move Antonio Brown into His Home

Bobby Burack

We knew it wouldn’t take long until Antonio Brown was back in the news. But who knew it would come via his new quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is so excited to play with his new weapon he is even offering to move Brown into his own home.

No, seriously:

Man, does this bring back seventh-grade football memories. With that said, is Brady out of his mind?

It’s very likely Brady and Gisele have essentially perfect lives. So good that only a few things could mess them up. And one of those things is letting someone like Brown stay over, even for even a night. Has Brady not been following Brown’s social media? Was he not alarmed hearing him refer to himself “Mr. Big Chest”?

This one is puzzling, but I am so here for the stories. Oh, and can we get a camera in that mansion?