Tom Brady Insists He Will Stay Retired as Raiders Rumors Fly

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

Not for the first time and not for the last, the people are wondering if Tom Brady will unretire. Such are the consequences of unretiring once already. This time around the NFL world is abuzz with the news that Brady is joining the Las Vegas Raiders ownership group. Which is not remarkable or all that surprising on its own. But in tandem with the other news that Jimmy Garoppolo has a foot injury and the Raiders have a clause that allows them to avoid paying out his contract if that foot injury doesn't recover properly. .. well, the wheels started turning.

As a result, Brady spoke with Sports Illustrated this week and made it clear that he will not be coming back.

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He sounds a bit exasperated but again, when you're the guy who unretired once already that's all people are going to talk about for a while after you retire for real. Brady also made a point to mention the Fox job again after some wondered if he'd actually end up doing that.

This will not be the last time he has to say it, we're sure.