Tom Brady Had a Mustache Once

Liam McKeone
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As hard as it is to imagine, Tom Brady did indeed, at one time, appear to have a mustache. Over the years, the future Hall of Famer has dabbled in facial hair growth, but has generally stuck to what Gillette's Top 15 Beard Styles For Men guide would define as a short boxed beard. I imagine this guide will be very handy for most of us men during the quarantine, but I digress.

A video tweeted out by the Matt Light foundation contains evidence that Brady seems to have broken away from that trend early in his career as he joins Light and other New England Patriots offensive linemen in a song about mustaches. It's unclear what year said video is from (or for what purpose this song was made), but Light (front and center) looks young enough that a rough estimate would date it around the mid-2000s. Anyway, not only does it contain Brady mustache proof, it's also some good light-hearted fun for us all to enjoy right now.

Great stuff.