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If No One Doubts Tom Brady, Can He Really Win a Super Bowl?

Kyle Koster
Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Tom Brady's social media persona posted a tweet Wednesday afternoon affirming a love of talk radio showing the seven-time Super Bowl champion cruising to his latest crown against the backdrop of those who didn't think he'd get it done. This, of course, is classic Boo Box stuff from Hook.

It's as exactly as tonally subversive as one would expect. But hey, when you win everything, you're afforded the chance to get the final word. Obviously, feeding off this negative energy and silencing the handful of remaining doubters is important to Brady. He might be lost without it.

Which brings me to an exciting business opportunity for myself, Brady, and any other athlete seeking bulletin-board material. For a low and negotiated price, I think I am willing to write freezing cold takes with which to heat your internal fire.

It's only going to get harder to find people to write that 44 or 48 or 57 is too old to win a Super Bowl. It's only going to get harder to find people who say LeBron James isn't a scorer or Stephen Curry can't shoot. There's always someone arguing something no one is saying but I could the person actually saying it.

Serious inquiries only.