Tom Brady Wouldn't Tell Matt Damon and Ben Affleck What His Plans Are, Texted a Shrug Emoji Again

Kyle Koster
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck /

Ben Affleck was on the set of Get Up this morning promoting his upcoming movie The Way Back. In accordance with law, he was quizzed on the Tom Brady situation, and had some inside information to share.

It seems Affleck and his friend Matt Damon co-authored a text to the free agent quarterback to see what was up with all this unknown.

The response was youthfully cryptic.

An emoji. Very on-brand. A guy in his early 40s, a guy in his mid-40s, and a guy in his late-40s texting about matters of great importance with teen lingo. You have to love it.

Affleck went on to say that while he basically worships Touchdown Tom, he understands there's been a lot of money left on the table through the years. So as much as he wants Brady to stay in Foxborough, he'll understand if the living legend seeks greener and more lucrative pastures elsewhere.

It's great to see Affleck is still passionate about the home team. Some things never change.