Tom Brady Kicks Off Trash-Talking For Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning Golf Match

Liam McKeone
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

When he's not breaking into parks or accidentally wandering into strangers' homes, new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady can often be found posting silly things on his Instagram account. Today, he decided to break the ice and start trash-talking Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods ahead of the anticipated golf match between that pair and the Brady/Phil Mickelson duo. He held nothing back.

Quality photoshop job there, but we already knew Brady's social media team was pretty good. Not totally sure when he beat a tiger, though. The closest thing to that in the NFL would be either the Lions or the Jaguars, and nobody has had a lot of trouble beating them over the years, so weird brag, Tom.

The match is reportedly scheduled for some time in May, and can't come soon enough. The lack of sports is getting to us all, even with the NFL draft imminent.