Did Julian Edelman Just Break Tom Brady Free Agency News While at a Syracuse Basketball Game?

Liam McKeone
Julian Edelman on Tom Brady's free agency
Julian Edelman on Tom Brady's free agency / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

On Saturday, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Jimmy Fallon all attended Syracuse's afternoon basketball game against the University of North Carolina. According to Syracuse.com, Brady is friends with local businessman Adam Weitsman, and was invited to 'Cuse for the afternoon. He brought Fallon and Edelman with him.

It's an unusual pairing of name and circumstance, that's for sure. But what Edelman did at the game will fuel dozens of hours of sports talk TV and radio this week. Below is a video in which Edelman appears to say "He's coming back," while Brady freezes with an awkward smile plastered on his face and slowly turns towards Edelman with the same energy you yourself would turn to a friend who said something he wasn't supposed to at exactly the wrong time.

Did Edelman just steal the spotlight from the Adam Schefters and Ian Rapoports of the world? I mean, probably not. But also, maybe. These are the kind of non-absolutes we deal with when it comes to the prospective free agency of star athletes. We'll take any nugget we can get and spin it into lengthy discussions. And articles like these. Guilty as charged.

If Brady does indeed stay with New England, I expect credit in all reporting to go towards Edelman.