Could Tom Brady Take the Jets to the Playoffs?

Kyle Koster
Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

On its face, filling 12.5 hours a week with sports chatter seems like a daunting proposition. But once one realizes that hypothetical topics can be interjected amongst the real-world ones, the doors really swing open. And sometimes that stuff is good, like on this morning's Undisputed featuring special guest Keegan-Michael Key.

The conversation, as it often does, turned to the New England Patriots and the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick dynamic. Key eventually envisioned a world in which the aging quarterback was traded to the New York Jets and the inevitable question that would follow: could Brady take Gang Green the playoffs?

He believes yes.

And you know what? I'm with him due to one very important point. Brady on the Jets would leave the Patriots scrambling for a replacement. Suddenly that division looks pretty winnable. Or at the very least there for the taking with some luck.

Of course, the defensive side of the equation would have to materialize. That's not a given.

Anyway, this thing that would never happen should totally happen. Brady for Darnold straight up after this season. Who says no? It'd be incredible if the Patriots unceremoniously sent the GOAT out of town for the Mono Man. Long-held allegiances would be challenged. The entire Eastern Seaboard might melt from the takes.