VIDEO: Tom Brady Says 'Media Atmosphere' Blew Netflix Cameo Out of Proportion

Liam McKeone

Tom Brady has caused quite a buzz in the last 24 hours after making a cameo appearance in Paul Rudd's new Netflix show, Living With Yourself. Brady is filmed walking out of a suspicious spa, which many interpreted as a nod to Robert Kraft's legal issues stemming from over the summer. Brady met with reporters at his locker at Gillette Stadium today, and he was very displeased.

As a longtime Patriots fan, I have never seen Brady get this combative with a reporter before. Even during DeflateGate he was calm and composed during public appearances with the press. But he's pissed off today, and went at the media in general for making a fun cameo appearance into a big controversy.

Honestly, he's kind of right. While I still think that it was a misstep for someone as careful about their public perception as Brady to not recognize the connections that would be drawn, the scene was clearly created to poke fun at Brady's apparent immortality. Kraft's situation was at a massage parlor, rather than a spa. Brady and Kraft are as close as any owner and player could ever be, and I'd imagine that's where most of Brady's anger is stemming from. He probably didn't expect to wake up on Saturday morning and explain to his longtime friend and boss that he wasn't mocking the most embarrassing moment of his life as a public figure.