Mike Evans Takes the Bullet For Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Mike Evans
Tom Brady and Mike Evans / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Tom Brady threw two interceptions in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers debut on Sunday. It was a Jameis-esque start to the season for Brady. Coach Bruce Arians put the blame for both picks squarely on the shoulders on Brady. It seemed for a moment that 43-year-old Brady was finally in a situation where he would finally be asked to take ownership of his mistakes.

Just kidding. A short time later Arians let Brady off the hook and blamed Mike Evans.

Then on Thursday the receiver broke his silence and publicly accepted the blame for Brady's first interception.

It's just sad that people are still protecting Brady like this. He's going to keep climbing up that all-time interceptions list no matter who offers to take the blame for each ensuing errant pass. What if Arians and Evans begin to doubt themselves? This could have far-reaching ramifications. Especially if they have to spend all their time trying to figure out how to spin the hundreds of interceptions Brady might throw this season.

What happened there? Poor play disguise? A strong breeze? I'm sure we'll hear it all as the season progresses.