Tom Brady's Body Was Falling Apart Down the Stretch

Kyle Koster
Tom Brady, seeing someone doubt him.
Tom Brady, seeing someone doubt him. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Two things can be true. The New England Patriots failed miserably at surrounding Tom Brady with weaponry. And the 42-year-old quarterback has lost a great deal off his fastball and is rapidly regressing to the mean. With the dynasty presumed dead and the six-time Super Bowl champion expected to explore other pastures, details about the obstacles he faced as the season progressed have began to trickle out.

Honestly, I'm shocked it took this long.

Brady is a warrior and will always be one. All quarterbacks must fight through the taxing toll the position puts on a body. His insane diet and fierce determination to physical fitness is otherworldly. It's a miracle he's maintained his dominance this long.

But despite what people from the Northeast will tell you, Brady is not a god. He's a man, constrained by gravity and the irreversible effects of aging. Counting out Touchdown Tom has been akin to playing Russian Roulette for years, so it's always dangerous.

Despite that, it seems logical and rational and even responsible to acknowledge that if this deterioration happened in Brady's 20th season, it will likely happen again in his 21st.

Teams willing to bring him in to spark some magic are hoping that his long passes wobbled and his short ones had less zip because of these assorted maladies. They may be right.

Or maybe, just maybe, Time has finally taken the lead over Tom in the great scoreboard of life.