Tom Brady Tells Howard Stern He Drank and Smoked in High School

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady long before Howard Stern talked to him.
Tom Brady long before Howard Stern talked to him. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady made his Howard Stern Show debut on Wednesday. Like most Patriots losses over the last two decades, a poor start was blamed on drops. Brady, using the Internet in Derek Jeter's house, lost connection four times within the first 20 minutes of the call before switching to a traditional phone call.

Once Brady and Stern were able to actually talk, Brady let his hair down a little by swearing and revealing that during high school he smoked some marijuana and drank some alcohol. Basic teenage stuff. Brady said that he felt bad about it because he felt like he was letting down his father, who had almost become a priest. Brady also revealed that there had been some alcoholism in his family.

Other than that, it was standard Brady biography stuff about working hard. He also seemed to be a fan of Stern's and was an admirer of his work ethic and the teamwork at the show. Brady obviously went into the call with a gameplan and stuck to it.

We will update if Stern is able to get Brady to break from the gameplan.