Tom Brady Flaunting Golf Attire Rules

Brian Giuffra
Tom Brady golf swing.
Tom Brady golf swing. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady has shown a new edge since leaving New England. It started with him appearing on the Howard Stern show and continued with a few unlawful trespassing incidents in Florida. His latest stunt on the golf course, however, is sure to ruffle a few feathers among sunshine state golf purists.

In a practice round alongside playing partner Phil Mickelson and opponents Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning ahead of The Match: Champions for Charity, Brady sported a non-traditional playing outfit that screamed I wish I was a millennial. The trucker hat and quarter-cut socks are only half the issue. The real problem here is the untucked shirt.

The Match: Champions For Charity - Preview
The Match: Champions For Charity - Preview / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The match will be played at Medalist Golf Club, a private course in Florida. While rich, famous people like Brady play by their own rules, you gotta feel like the untucked look is frowned upon around there. It is at most private courses at least.

Another surprise is the knee brace. Brady did tear that ACL a long time ago, but you rarely seem him admit he has any weakness. Then again, the further he gets away from the Patriots the more transparent he has become. Perhaps this is an admission he is human?

Regardless, one of the biggest storylines to watch today is what everyone wears. We can assume Woods and Mickelson will sport some of their finest threads. Manning will likely come dressed like a State Farm employee replete with khakis. Brady is the wildcard. If his practice round outfit is any indication, a few old heads will yell "get off my lawn" at the TV.