Tom Brady Furious After Overthrowing Julio Jones Against the Saints

Stephen Douglas

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football with the NFC South still very much up in the air with about a month left in the regular season. During the second quarter the Bucs had a 3-0 lead when Tom Brady went deep to Julio Jones. Brady has struggled with the long ball this season and this pass was no different as it sailed past the diving Jones. Brady was not happy.

Brady hit his helmet with both hands before he got down in the most furious croaching position you've ever seen. As he stood back up with clinched fists you could see he was quite upset. He may have even been swearing as he is wont to do.

Whatever he was saying, it was a whole new type of fit for Brady to throw. The fact that he's still finding new ways to be visibly frustrated on a football field at 45 is actually quite inspiring.