Tom Brady Calls Andrew Marchand's Brady Meter 'Fake News'

Tom Brady Attends eMerge Americas 2023
Tom Brady Attends eMerge Americas 2023 / Johnny Louis/GettyImages

Tom Brady is currently a retired football player waiting for the next chapter of his life to begin. In that time he's spending time online leaving comments on Instagram posts. Specifically, an Instagram post from Sports Illustrated based on a clip from the latest episode of The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast. SI's post reads (in all-caps) "SKEPTICISM REPROTEDLY REMAINS ABOUT TOM BRADY BROADCASTING NFL GAMES FOR FOX." Brady's response (no spacing): "FakeNews."

This is a bit unfair to Andrew Marchand who was simply updating loyal listeners on the status of his "Brady Meter" to say that it was ever-so-slightly more likely that Brady wouldn't call games for FOX, than fulfill his 10-year, $375 million deal. Since the "Brady Meter" is not a real thing, this should probably be counted as an opinion or educated guess that expressed some skepticism. I don't think you can really call it a report per se, but fake news is a fun term to throw around. (A younger man than Brady might have responded with a baseball cap emoji.)

So is Andrew Marchand of the New York Post "fake news?" That's what some high-profile members of the media are saying. Of course, if the Brady Meter ends up being accurate then Brady is just another ex-jock lahing out at the dreaded NYC media.