Tom Brady FaceTimed Draymond Green After Team USA Gold Medal Win

Liam McKeone
Draymond Green
Draymond Green / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Draymond Green has been taking a well-earned victory lap over the last 12 hours after Team USA beat France to take home the gold in basketball yet again. It is unusual for anyone, really, to celebrate this much after this particular event given the Americans are heavy favorites every single Olympics. But everybody's favorite pundits piled on after Team USA looked more vulnerable than normal in the early goings and Green remembers every single slight against him.

He deserves it, as does the rest of Team USA. While enjoying the fruits of his labor, Green also revealed via IG post that he received a congratulatory FaceTime from an all-time great who has never been in the Olympics by the name of Tom Brady.

We already knew Brady was a FaceTime person, and I decried the tendency in that article. But this is more acceptable than FaceTiming someone out of the blue at eight in the morning to talk about the playbook or whatever. Most people would have the ear-to-ear grin Green is rocking if Tom Freaking Brady FaceTimed them after a significant accomplishment.

Green and Brady probably know each other because all rich people and famous athletes run in the same general circles, but they also appeared together on LeBron James' HBO show, The Shop, earlier this summer. An intriguing friendship between two of the most vocal competitors of this era.