Mike McDaniel on Tom Brady-Dolphins Rumors: 'Fake News'

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

There has been an not-insignificant amount of rumor and innuendo connecting Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins since the greatest quarterback of all time decided to come back for more football at age 44. Breadcrumbs are there with Stephen Ross' Michigan connection and the belief that Tua Tagovailoa is not a long-term option. Vegas would gladly give you favorable odds if you wanted to bet on this speculation becoming reality, perhaps even more so now that Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel has thrown cold water on the idea.

The first-year coach was asked about the whispers during the NFL owner's meeting and, we regret to inform you, used a line from Donald Trump.

So that's it. No Tom Brady in Miami. Or is that exactly what McDaniel would say if something's cooking behind the scenes and they wanted to throw everyone off the scent.

Perhaps the only negative thing a person can say about Brady is that he's lost the benefit of the doubt when it comes to denials, so it wouldn't be shocking if the question is asked again, likely with the same answer. Especially if high expectations this year aren't realized and the Dolphins want to maximize 2023.