Tom Brady is Slinging Creamsicle Merch

Brian Giuffra
Tom Brady.
Tom Brady. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced they were introducing new uniforms this offseason, virtually everyone hoped they'd bring back the creamsicle uniforms. Then, when Tom Brady signed with the team, the call for the '70s throwbacks was deafening. Alas, because teams can only use one helmet throughout the season, thus rendering the creamsicle option obsolete because you really need the white helmet and swashbuckling cream-color pirate to make the outfit work, we were left with these.

Have no fear, Bucs fans. Captain Capitalism is here to save the day. From the TB12 apparel wing of his ever-expanding retail business, Tom Brady has given us a taste of creamsicle lathered in sweat.

In a photo posted on his social media account, we get to see Brady in a creamsicle t-shirt. The top part is dark orange, but if you look at the lower right, as if this photo was perfectly staged (hint, hint, it was), you get a glimpse of that creamy orange we all have been waiting for.

Smart move by Brady to take advantage of the NFL rule book to help pad his pocket. If the NFL isn't going to make Brady gear in creamsicle, why wouldn't he take advantage and make a profit?

Sadly, I went to the TB12 website and the creamsicle t-shirts are already sold out. They cost $30. But if you want, you can get a TB12 water bottle for $44. Before you get your hopes up, it's silver, not creamsicle.