Tom Brady and Chris Jones Renewed Their Feud on Sunday

Ryan Phillips
Tom Brady and Chris Jones get in each other's faces.
Tom Brady and Chris Jones get in each other's faces. /

Tom Brady and Chris Jones have had several high-profile run-ins on the field during their careers and. on Sunday, they renewed their feud as the Kansas City Chiefs took on Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the middle of the third quarter Brady and Jones jawed at each other, got facemask to facemask and had to be separated. Video of the incident is below:

This is nothing new, the two got into it when the Chiefs and the New England Patriots squared off in Week 14 last year:

In the offseason, Jones claimed his trash talk got under Brady's skin. He said he taunted him by saying he needed to retire and Brady fired back quickly. Jones also said he thought Brady was a good guy and it was all in the spirit of being competitive. That could be true, but from the looks of their interactions on the field, this has gotten personal.

It doesn't look like the two will be exchanging Christmas cards this year.