Tom Brady Wanted Bill O'Brien to Replace Bill Belichick in New England

Ryan Phillips
Tom Brady, Bill O'Brien, New England Patriots v Houston Texans
Tom Brady, Bill O'Brien, New England Patriots v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Albert Breer dropped a fairly large bomb on Tuesday. Apparently, Tom Brady really likes Bill O'Brien. Breer claimed that had Brady won the 2017 New England Patriots power struggle, he wanted Bill O'Brien to replace Bill Belichick as the team's head coach.

The discussion was sparked by Breer saying he didn't think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would replace Bruce Arians at this point. But if they did, O'Brien would be the guy Brady would want to succeed Arians .

That's huge news. If Belichick had opted to walk away from the Patriots after the dramatic showdown with Brady in 2017, the quarterback would have wanted O'Brien -- his old offensive coordinator -- to take over. That's a scenario that would have completely altered the NFL landscape. And, apparently, Brady would still like to be coached by O'Brien.

Apparently Tommy Boy didn't pay attention during O'Brien's seven years in charge of the Houston Texans. Because if he had, there's zero chance he'd want him as a head coach, right?