Tom Brady vs. Bill Belichick: Who Is Under More Pressure?

Kyle Koster
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Tom Brady is returning to New England this weekend to take on his former team. Perhaps you've heard about this. It is a very big deal. A date that's long been circled on calendars from Brockton to Nashua.

There's no debate that the quarterback is in firm possession of all bragging rights after winning a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay as Bill Belichick struggled through the Cam Newton experience and sought refuge in a Mac Jones future. Both men desperately want to make a statement on Sunday night and the atmosphere will be incredible with tension and pressure.

It's the consensus opinion that there is more pressure on Belichick to strike back. The grizzled coach can draw inspiration from his fashion icon, Emperor Palpatine, whose unlikable unit scored a decisive victory in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Marcellus Wiley, though, is taking the opposite side of the argument, explaining on Wednesday's Speak For Yourself, what losing would mean for Brady and why competing head-to-head is different than competing from afar.

Interesting. Not sure I agree but would definitely say this matchup means more for the hoodie enthusiast. It's extremely unlikely the Patriots match Brady's Super Bowl this year or next so going mano a mano is Belichick's one opportunity to put a win on the board.