The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are Now Favorites to Sign Tom Brady

Bobby Burack
Tom Brady-Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds.
Tom Brady-Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds. / Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the new betting favorites to sign Tom Brady, according to odds released by BetOnline.

Momentum swung in the Bucs' direction yesterday when the Titans took themselves out of the Brady sweepstakes (reaching a deal with Ryan Tannehill) and it was reported the 49ers were out

Mistakenly or not, there isn't much of a market for the 42-year-old G.O.A.T. NBC analyst Chris Simms, who reported San Francisco's decision, added it's down to just two teams: Bucs and Patriots.

If Brady is merely looking for offensive firepower — it's still not clear what is driving him — the Bucs are the better option. New England doesn't have the talent or flexibility to match the lethal, make defenders queasy combination that is Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Bill Belichick doesn't have an equal, but this whole speculation has stemmed from Brady's rumored relationship with him. Attaching the quarterback's wizardry to Bruce Arians' creative mind is an alluring escape plan.

If we are to believe a third team could get involved, the Raiders at +1200 is tempting.