Tom Brady and Buccaneers Benefit From Tampa Tuck Rule 2.0

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady
Tom Brady /

Remember the Tuck Rule? When Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had a fumble erased by officials? Well, something similar happened during the Rams - Bucs game on Monday Night Football. Tom Brady dropped back to pass in the end zone and Morgan Fox got to Brady right as he was about to throw.

Brady pushed the ball forward and the play was almost instantaneously whistled dead. It was immediately ruled a fumble and officials upheld the call on replay.

It just, kind of looked a lot like a fumble on replay. And it warrants the same discussion that we had nearly 19 years ago about what a pass attempt looks like. Which is fun since we've spent most of the last decade trying to figure out what a catch is. So we're not 100% certain about throwing or catching if doesn't look like two people playing catch in the backyard.