An Undefeated Tom Brady Told Al Michaels He Was Unhappy Last Year

Kyle Koster
Tom Brady was unhappy, even while undefeated.
Tom Brady was unhappy, even while undefeated. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady told Howard Stern this morning that he knew he was on his last ride with the New England Patriots in 2019. The rest of the day has been spent, in part, reverse-engineering the clues that may have been missed in real time. Or the clues that were best left behind closed doors in a production meeting.

Al Michaels joined Mike Tirico on NBC Sports' new Lunch Talk Live and revealed that Brady was quite open with his midseason frustration during such a meeting of the minds.

"The most revealing thing we heard from Tom is when we went in for the midseason game in Baltimore on a Sunday night, early November, and they were undefeated," Michaels said. "We were talking to Brady and Brady said to us, 'I'm the most unhappy 8-0 quarterback in football.'"

Michaels, like so many others, admitted that he could not envision Brady leaving for greener or, in this case, pewter-y pastures. But it happened. It definitely happened. Dude was on Stern, too. All bets are off.

The crystal ball is always less cloudy when one looks into the past. Yet it really doesn't sound like Brady was holding his tongue 24/7 about his feelings. And that's externally. One can only imagine how evident the mood was within locker room to personnel close to either the greatest quarterback or greatest coach.

Here's hoping Brady finds happiness in Tampa. Things have clearly been very rough for him these past two decades.